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Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Bending-Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Illinois

Some of these machines that you see today go through a very complicated fabrication process. Your fridge at home is made from so many metals that are well fabricated and put together. One of the main materials used to form such products is sheet metals. If you are hearing about this for the first time don’t worry, we are going to look at this in detail and see what you need to know about the same. Before we get to that, it is important for you to look for the best metal and machine products if you need any.

Due to this reason, you need to reach out to Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Illinois. These are the best dealers in Illinois who offer the best machines in the entire region of Illinois. If you need any metal fabrication machines these are the people you need to reach out to. Well back to the main topic. It might look an easy thing to fabricate sheet metals and come up with them but that is not the case. The process of fabricating sheet metal or Sheet Metal Bending process is one process that we are going to look at in detail.

Sheet metal bending process

Sheet Metal Bending process is simply the process of forming metals that produce plastic deformation over an axis. The bending process does not in any way change the thickness of the material being bent. In most industries, the sheet metal bending process is used in impacting the stiffness and the strength of sheet metal. Other than that, the process is also used in improving the appearance of the metal and make sure that only appealing metal products are created.

This process is normally carried out using a punch and a die. To make sure that there is enough force to make this process success a press is used to make this possible.

As we said at the beginning, the process of sheet metal bending is so complicated and comes in various methods. We are going to look at some of the steps that are used for the metal sheet bending process and see what you need to know about them.

This is the most coming method and technique used in punch and die. The technique is made up of three subgroups. Bottoming, the air bending and coining about 90% of the bending job is accounted for by the air bending and the air bottoming.

Bottoming which is also known as bottom pressing is responsible for pressing the metal sheet onto the die surface. Through this process, the final angle of the workpiece is determined by the die angle. With this process, the inner radius of the angled sheet is dependent on the die radius.

As the inner line undergoes decompression it requires more force to manipulate it even further. Bottoming is responsible for exerting the required force as the final angle is preset. Using more force lessens the spring back affect as well as providing the required good precision.

Also known as partial bending, this name is driven from the fact that the working piece does not fully touch the tooling parts. In this technique, the workpiece sits on 2 points while the punch pushes the bend. Even though this process is carried out using a press brake, it does not any way require a sided die. One good thing about this process is that it offers so much flexibility. Even though this method is not as accurate as coining and bottoming, it comes with some simplicity that these two other methods cannot provide.

With this method, there are even more options compared to the other methods. In the event that the load is released and the material spring back results in an unwanted angle, there is an option. In this case, all you have to do is carry out an adjustment by applying some more pressure. Well of course when you do this you will end up with lesser accuracy compared to the other techniques like bottoming. However, if you look at this method in terms of benefits then you will learn that is more beneficial compared to the other methods.

One thing that makes this process such a catch is that it does not require any retooling in case there are different angle bends necessary.

This method was at some point the most used method. There are so many reasons why this method was so much used back then. One of these reasons is that the method was the only way of getting the desired accurate results. However, this method has become somehow obsolete in the current world and this is due to some reasons. For instance, the fact that machines in the current world are more precise and controllable made this type of machine somehow less useful.

As a result, this method is no longer widely used now as it used to be in the long ago. Instead, people have opted for better methods that are more effective with more accurate results. To give the die exact shape, great tonnage is applied to make this possible. Coining derives its name from the actual coins. These coins have to be identical to make fake money which can be distinguished from the real ones. Coining or bending brings about similar and precise results. For instance, if you would like to get a 45-degree angle all you have to do is get a punch a die with exactly the same angle.

In this method, you have no spring back to worry about because the die penetrates the sheet pressing a dent into the workpiece. This tactic together with the high force that is used during this procedure guarantees high-level precision.


Other than the precision, we also have the penetrating effect which makes sure that there is a small inside radius for the bend. Basically, those are the top Sheet metal bending techniques. We have many other techniques but those ones are the main. Let us now look at the uses of sheet metal in various places or industries.

Top uses of sheet metal

One thing that is very clear about sheet metals is that they are very durable and long-lasting as well. As a result, they are used in a number of areas or on some products simply because of these reasons.

We might have those fancy cars that we dream to drive at some point in our lives. However, we never take time to look at what makes those vehicles that we drive or dream to drive at some point in our lives. The vehicle manufacturing industries makes great use of sheet metal.

The thin sheet metal material is used for sculpting car bodies as well as those of other vehicles. That is not all, even those railroad cars are sculpted from thin metal sheets.

Mechanical contractors make use of a thin sheet of metals in making roofing materials. The rain gutters as well as roof flashing are made out of sheet metals which yet again point out to the other use of sheet metal this time in homes.

Sheet metal is also used in the manufacture of Airplane wings and other parts of the plane. These materials are mainly used because of many reasons. Among these reasons is that sheet metal is very strong durable and light.

Given that planes are always looking to reduce weight, these materials are the best in creating some of the plane parts. Most plane building companies use metal sheet materials in creating plane fuselages among other parts on planes.

Sheet metal comes with so many benefits like the ones listed above. Without any doubt, this material is so essential and helps in the creation of so many parts. However, it is important you know that it is how you create the metal sheet that matters. To get the best materials that you can use for the purpose of Sheet Metal Bending, visit Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Illinois, they have the best machines ever.

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