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For many years now, low variation high volume production has been considered to gain optimal quality and efficiencies. We are living in a world where things are moving very fast and what used to be normal business in the past is not the case. For instance, the manufacturing process from across the world is now done in High-Mix, Low-Volume environments. There are so many benefits to High-Mix, Low-Volume manufacturing that production which is what we shall look at some point later on.

Some of the benefits that come with this method of production are better delivery to customer demands and improved responsiveness among others. However, it is important for you to understand that this form of production is traditionally known to yield out of low quality and this is mainly due to variation.

If you are a manufacturer in the modern days then this is one fact that you need to keep in your mind. However, still, with this fact, there is a need for you to improve the quality of your operations as well as keeping your operational costs low.

Despite the ever-changing needs of your customers, it still possible for you as a manufacturer to make a robust process. If you are looking for a way of yielding the higher volume results then there are steps that you can use to make all this possible. We are going to look at some of these steps and see how you can make all this a reality.

Make use of sequential where necessary

As manufacture you need to come up with ways of optimizing flow. Despite there being product variation, you need to do this through sequential operations processing withing your operations in your facility. Where necessary or possible, you need to make use of processing equipment.

This equipment will allow you some management to take time despite processing times of different lengths in some areas.

Make some simple routings

There are so many challenges that manufacturing people and some of those challenges are traceability challenges. There are so many people who are always looking for ways of reducing this challenge without any success. If you are looking for ways of overcoming this problem then there is one that you can use to make this possible.

All you have to do is maintain a simple part or even part product routings. If you do this and do so very well then you will be able to reduce your traceability challenges.

Make use of a predictable process

Depending on what you do and how you do it is wise for you to try and come up with a predictable process. There are so many reasons that make this such an essential thing to do. For instance, if you are carrying out a manufacturing process you will always find yourself encountering some surprises.

These surprises might come in terms of budget where you might have to allocate another budget to cater to these surprises. This is the significance of predicting your process and looking at every possibility.

If the whole process has some places where a decision has to be made then you will also know what to do at those points. For these among other reasons, it is essential for you to consider and actually try to come up with a predictable process to avoid some surprises sometimes later on.

Try to create an open environment

There are so many benefits that come with creating an open environment for any manufacturing plant. By so doing, you will allow everyone from management to all other areas to see and monitor what is going on. If there are some adjustments that are needed then it will be able to adjust to them and adapt to them as well.

When the products and staffing change there is a need for you to reconfigure everything to adjust to the prevailing circumstances. When the working levels change within then your company, there is an urgent need for you to reconfigure everything.

There are some things that any company that is looking to make any meaningful profits should do and one of them is maintaining flexibility. One thing that you will never tell is when things will change in your business or company. In some cases, the demands or even customer expectations might change after some time.

If you are not so flexible then you may find yourself getting out of business. This among many other reasons are some of the things that make it necessary to maintain flexibility in any organization or even company. If there are some changes needed within your facility flexibility will help you to adjust to some of these changes.

There are so many high mix low volume production procedures that have evolved their up to date states through some series of incremental changes. For instance, some parts of the procedure that have been added on over the years with the view of coping up with new product lines or in some cases increased demand.

However, when this approach becomes too stretched, it may be difficult to convince stakeholders on some things. For instance, it might be hard for you to convince them that adding another machine will not be as effective as they view it to be.

Improving the process comes with two challenges here. In one case, it might be difficult for you to safely and accurately test out some of the options that are radically different from the prevailing state. That is just one bit of it, the other one is this. Once you find a somehow better approach, what means do you use to excite stakeholders and try to get them on board?

The process rate change is much higher for HMLV systems compared to the other forms of production or strategies. This process stretches to so many things from product streams online to replacing legacy machines among many other things. All these factors represent all those changes to the process that has to be understood and then later on documented and after that communicated to the staff. Simulation is one such perfect way of visualizing some of these changes ranging from shop floor to boardroom.

Other than that, the simulation will also assist in engaging the staff to draw out their input as well as questions before the implementation process. There are so many people who have ever tried out this process and all of them agree to have seen some first-hand benefits of these engagements. You can use simulation to walk through your current process. Once you do this, you will be able to identify the proposed improvements as well as identify any issues. Doing this will help you to understand the prevailing process and the need to make changes.

It is a proven fact that a shared understanding helps to motivate staff as well as helping to frame the project as a collaboration opportunity.

Many of us think that demand is the only factor that determines whether a process becomes high volume or not. There are cases where you might start building 10 items so as to have an 80% chance that one of them will have a chance of making it through testing in time for the scheduled delivery date.

The greatest question that comes with these questions is as to whether you will be able to deliver the demanded products on time. Just like many other situations, simulation can offer you so many benefits in such situations as well.

The first thing that simulation will do is that it will help you to identify those critical factors that are slowing down the flow process. Other than that, simulation also you an opportunity to allow you an opportunity to test out multiple options like bringing in more staff and such like things.

There are some things that determine the success of any manufacturing process and one of them is the materials you use for this process. If you are not using the right materials then you are more likely to have slowed progress. If you are metal fabrication or manufacturing then you need to visit Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Illinois for the best manufacturing materials and equipment in this area.

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